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The equipment of stroma villas with linen

Linen for beds and bath
At your arrival you'll find a clean house and all beds made ready to be used.
every bedroom has its own pillows and duvets, these are equipped with washable covers. Plus there is:

upper and lower sheets
Duvet - cover

Moreover you have:

per person:
white beachtowel
white terry towel
white foot towel

per toilet Toilette:
3 cotton towels

each kitchen has :
3 cotton towels

You can wash this stuff by yourself if you like, buzt you have to be careful not to damage it - it could raise costs. (Every house has a fully functional washingmachine!)
If you like to have fresh bedding, the cost is 15.-€ /person/set as a contribution for the expenses. PLEASE notify early!

This is where your linen comes from....